Zappa for beginners

This page is aimed to be a guideance of Frank Zappa music. It is intended for new listeners of Zappas music. As a new listener of his music, You will probably either love his music or either hate his music. Zappas music would been seen as a concept and if You happen to buy one of his record that it´s hard to understand at first, You will probably hate his music in the future and not give him any more chance. So therefor I will give You some recommendations.

I have divided his music into four genre to facilitate the recommendations. The records are ranked under respective category. If You for example prefer listen to jazz, You are recommended to first buy/listen to Hot Rats and then Sleep Dirt. But these ranks would surely be questioned by other Zappa lovers. First some prerequisites:

You will probably love his music if You -  play an instrument, like to analyse music, like different kinds of rythmical sequences, know something about American politics and society, are a male.

You will probably not love his music if You -  using music as “muzak”, wants to dance to the music, listen to music to confirm Your romantic and emotional feelings, are a female.

So if You want to go further and listen to some of his music, here is my recommendations:


Hot Rats (contains his most loved composition “Peaches en Regalia”. Also other nice compositions and good guitar playing)

Sleep Dirt

Grand Wazoo

Zappa In New York

Rock (Vocal)

Overnite Sensation (Zappas first “big-selling” record)

Sheik Yerbouti

Joe´s Garage

You´re What You Is

Zoot Allures

Rock (Instrumental)

One Size Fits All (Probably the record which has created the most number of Zappa-fan)

Roxy & Elsewhere

Classical      (Composers who influenced Zappa was Webern, Stravinsky and Varese. So You have to like modern classical music, to have any chance to like Zappas music.)

Yellow Shark (Gives a broad description of Zappas classical compositions. Also very good sound and good playing by Ensemble Modern)

London Symphony Orchestra

Perfect Stranger

If You want to examine more, You can buy any of these in the next step. (No ranking)


Broadway The Hard Way

Make A Jazz Noise Here

The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life

Studio Tan

Uncle Meat

We´re Only In It For The Money

You Can´t Do That On Stage Anymore (1-6)

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