A picture of me, illustrated as a Christmas card 1982 by Jonas Nordengren who thought I was a better guitar player than a saxophone player. What a joker, but a good one - isnīt he? He is also a good musician and he builds his own instruments, among another things a chromatic harp. You should seen it.

My musical interest began rather late in my youth. I was practically tonedeath until I was eighteen years old when a friend to me bought a guitar (thanks Mats). It seems pretty fun so I bought one myself and after own practising I could almost play a prelude by Bach (d-minor) after six month. Nowadays I try to figure out the rythms and the techniques of flamenco music. But to be a good guitarplayer demands a lot of practising and when Youīre almost 50 years old there is always other things You want to/must do instead. Sometimes I also play some jazz and other music on my electric guitar. Beyond this I have a piano, flute, alto saxophone and a clarinet which I make some "noises"

An advantage to play some instruments is that You may "understand" music better, but this could also be a disadvantage, cause You always try to figure out what chord that was, which bar a song goes in and so on. In a way You loose the emotional feeling to music. 

I got my first teaching in music by my friend Mats and the first musical favourites for me became Pink Floyd and Yes. Short after that, I was tought jazz by a neighbour to me (thanks Einar) who was about 35 years older than me and he had a large collection of 78:s and at this point I also discovered Frank Zappa. So my neighbour Einar was playing Charlie Parker and Duke Ellington for me and I was playing Frank Zappa to him (Yes, he actually liked it. He later bought Zappas records Sleep Dirt and Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar). Nowadays my favourites are Johann Sebastian Bach, Frank Zappa, Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Stravinsky among others. If You want to see my record collection go to My collection and maybe You can find something that You maybe could enjoy by the guideance of what I like.

One of the greatest musical artist of this century was Frank Zappa. He was a great composer and guitar player and have won great respect both in rock, jazz and the classical musical scene. He stated the definiton of rock journalism as "People who can't write, doing interviews with people who can't  think, in order to prepare articles for people who can't read." A good truth and interviewing Zappa was always a challenge for a journalist. Zappa had a very good political awareness and he could also insult a bad interviewer if he couldnīt his lesson. I present some interviews with Zappa that has been made in Sweden and Denmark in Zappa interviews

If You are new listener to Zappas music, here is some recommendations what You should buy or listen at first. Itīs in Zappa for beginners